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Unfolding your Greater Potential - From the Roots Up

Well-Being & Success Coaching

Introduction to Life Coaching“Life, once we learn to recognise it, is nothing less than an ongoing process of feedback, always pointing us back to our truest Self”– Leighton
With the above realisation in mind, the process of coaching fundamentally teaches us how to look and listen to our widest life experience – inner and outer – to understand who we are as unique individuals, whilst motivating us to act upon those things that we realise and become even better versions of ourselves. By undertaking the coaching process we can reshape or refine our self-perceptions, evolve a more positive outlook, and redefine our entire life experience to express and reflect our greatest individual potential.

I like to think of Life Coaching as a framework – a ‘scaffolding’ if you like – within which we form an ongoing professional relationship with the sole purpose of facilitating your positive changes, well-being and success. Within that framework it’s also possible to make use of other powerful tools, to enrich and deepen the process of positive change. Personally I favour the varied toolbox of Neuro Linguistic Programming, the proven efficiency of Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy, and a whole host of other mind-body approaches. I may also use mentoring techniques, alongside the more traditional non-directive coaching style. In a nutshell – we utilise whatever methods will most benefit you!
Why Have Coaching?
“Nothing limits achievement like small thinking; nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination.” – William Arthur Ward
Coaching facilitates genuine growth. It allows us to move away from the past carrying only the most useful, beneficial realisations and resources – and actively creating the future you wish to create for yourself, by making those changes necessary right here in the present. Lasting positive change is never a quick fix: It’s an ongoing process of self-improvement, and it is the role of the coach to assist in transporting you towards your deepest goals dreams. The exciting thing is that extensive research shows you are many times more likely to get there with the support of a skilled and qualified coach!*

People subsequently come for personal coaching with me for a wide variety of reasons, including major life changes, lack of purpose or direction in life, relationship or communication difficulties, confidence, personal or career development, balancing life or improving health – or just because they are sick and tired of being someone they are not, and wish to discover their authentic self. But for every person the benefits of coaching can include:

  • An increased sense of who you are, and what is truly important for you in life
  • Increased clarity of focus and goal setting ability, to shape and achieve the life you want
  • Greater motivation and drive to succeed
  • Improved confidence
  • A greater sense of inner peace – knowing you are maximizing your chances of success in life and eliminating those things that no longer work
  • Balance that comes from understanding what’s really important for you, and reorganising and reprioritising
  • Simplifying, clarifying, and working only from your greatest strengths
  • A richer ability to communicate, with yourself and with other people, which can transform your relationships
  • Improved general health and well-being

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My Approach
Well-being and Success Coaching is always results-orientated, and my particular approach is values-led. Our aim is always to enable you to become 100% true to yourself – it’s my deep belief that only then will it become possible for you to flourish in life. Of course, all of our coaching sessions will take place in a professional, warm and open environment, free from judgement – and overflowing with support from someone who genuinely cares about your success.

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*Research conducted by the International Coaching Federation